Ryan’s 3rd Birthday

IMG_2378Ryan loves animals, so for his birthday, we invited family to join us at the zoo. I have a good friend that is amazing at face-painting, and she did all the kid’s faces before we headed over to the zoo.


It was such a hot day that the kids (and parents) were sweating like crazy. It was absolutely necessary that the kids didn’t touch their faces since the paint was water-based and would rub off.  Noah and Caylor ended up washing their face off before we got to the zoo since we were all playing in the park while we waited for everyone else to get their faces painted. Their paint was mostly rubbed off by the time we were ready to leave. Amazingly, Ryan and Olivia’s faces were somewhat still recognizable as a “puma” and “tiger” at the end of our trip to the zoo. 1185315_10151813909056355_1889363120_n

IMG_2406We got to see a good portion of the animals before heading back to Trent and Shannon’s house. (Trent and Shannon were nice enough to have us over to their house for the birthday party since our house was “on the market” and we never knew when someone might want to stop and take a look at it).

We had a great evening with food (including raspberry cake) and presents. I have such a fun family that I am so glad we got to live close to for a while.

IMG_0802Ryan is such a joy to have around. He is an amazing big brother and is so helpful and kind. We love him so much and were so happy we got to celebrate him in our lives.


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